Additional Services

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Although Putters International handles your belongings with the utmost care, accidents are never entirely excluded. It is therefore very important to have your belongings properly insured in the event of a claim. Putters International provides removal insurance that covers virtually every potential situation.

Handyman services

Domestic and international removals alike come with a range of small household jobs that need to be done, such as hanging paintings, lamps, chandeliers, curtain rods, or (dis)connecting electrical appliances. We will be happy to make the arrangements for you via our handyman partners.

Pet transport

In the event you plan to move your pet as well, we strongly recommend to start the planning of this pet transport well ahead of the actual move. If you envisage to have the pet transport included in the overall removal package, feel free to contact us. We have the experience and knowhow to move your pet safe and sound, treated as if it were our own child.