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Diplomatic Moves Around the World

At Putters International we have a long tradition of moving diplomats across the world.

Based near Brussels, the heart of Europe and one of the major diplomatic cities in the world, we have built our diplomatic expertise throughout the years by moving many diplomats to and from various countries worldwide.

Brussels is an important center for international politics and home to numerous international organizations, politicians, diplomats and officials. It is also the capital of the European Union and the headquarters of NATO. A number of important EU institutions are located here and many diplomatic missions are based nearby.

Brussels’ position in this diplomatic environment allowed Putters to build up years of experience in moving diplomats from different missions, institutions and embassies to and from various countries.

Our sector will rarely be asked by private or corporate clients to carry out a relocation to Harare, Asuncion or Yangon (common destinations for diplomats), but at Putters we have the expertise required to carry out such moves. Even to or from challenging countries such as Iraq, Sudan or Honduras.

Our office in Belgium is FIDI/FAIM compliant, which means we operate according to the highest quality standards in our industry, and our affiliation with various moving associations ensures qualified, reliable partners worldwide.

Putters is your best choice, offering competitive pricing by focusing on client expectations. Our large team of experienced professionals will assist and guide you through the entire moving process. We cover all needs when moving diplomats, whatever the country of origin or the destination may be, including:

  • Flexible, tailor-made and all-inclusive door-to-door services by sea, air or road
  • Consultation and advice about customs and export/import procedures that vary from country to country
  • All risk insurance through reliable European insurers
  • Car and vehicle shipping offering advice about vehicle specifications and import restrictions
  • High-value service based on personal and dedicated transport solutions or lower-cost solutions based on consolidated transport by sea or road when preferred
  • Storage services for permanent or short transit storage solutions
  • Various extra moving related services such as handyman services, third party assistance for artwork or items requiring specialist attention, including pianos and safes, pet shipping assistance, VAT refund assistance, etc.