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Move management

Putters International manages door to door removals on a global scale via its approved and certified network of moving resources and suppliers. We offer a consistent, high quality service and will manage the premove survey, packing and loading, international transport, customs clearance, delivery and unpacking service, all over the world.

Putters’ Global Move Management is all about supporting employees and meeting the specific expectations of employees, thanks to our experienced move coordinators who will act as a single point of contact.
Our multi-lingual move coordinators will guide the employees through the process, removing all the stress and making the removal smooth and easy.

For your organization, Putters’ Global Move Management service provides a central point of control and communication in order to monitor costs and provide management information. We will follow up closely to make sure that all services provided to the employees are compliant with the global moving policy of your company.

Move Management

Quotation and survey international moving

Moving to another country is not something to do without thorough preparation. That is why Putters International offers a pre-move survey service, which allows us to identify all the different requirements for the relocation and any risks that may arise whilst moving. Based on this pre-move survey, we can prepare a more accurate quote, which ultimately saves you money when moving. Our surveyors will provide advice on transit times, packing requirements, insurance processes and customs requirements at the new destination. The pre-move survey meeting takes approximately one hour (depending the size of the house) and will allow us to provide an accurate quotation for your move.

Putters Moving Company If you only have a limited amount to be moved, we can do a pre-move survey by phone. Based on the obtained information and feedback, we will create a tailored moving plan and quotation. We always work closely with the transferee to make the move easy and stress-free.

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Removal services at origin

Packing for an international move can be time consuming and stressful. That is why Putters International offers full packing services.
 After all, our packers are the experts when it comes to moving. Putters’ crews are trained in-house and will use a range of packing materials specially designed for moving to ensure that all your belongings are well prepared to be transported to your new home safely and securely.

Also, appropriate equipment is used to load the goods into the shipping containers or transport trucks in a safe way. The dedicated Move coordinator in the Putters office will make sure all preparations are done for export customs clearance in order to avoid issues with customs at the relocation destination. 



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International removal transport

Putters Moving Company CityAirfreight services are available to all destinations. It is the quickest way for international removals and is used for smaller parts of the full removal load, which you might need immediately once arriving at the relocation destination. For larger removals, this method is not so cost-efficient due to the higher cost of airfreight. Putters International manages international removals overland via road transport to all European destinations, either with a dedicated truck transport or based on a partial load.  

For overseas destinations, your belongings will be loaded in an (exclusive) 20- or 40-foot steel container, which will be sealed and transported to the port of destination. For international removals of smaller volumes of belongings, we also offer shared container services, where you share the space in a steel container with other customers. Your belongings will then be packed into a wooden case before being loaded into a steel container. While your goods are in transit, we will keep you up to date with the progress of your international removal and ensure everything is running according to plan.

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Removal services at destination

Once your shipment has arrived at the overseas relocation destination, Putters International manages the customs clearance and delivery process, ensuring all the right documentation is completed and submitted. We will also arrange for your shipment to be delivered to your new home, where the crew will unload all your belongings and place them in the correct rooms at your request.

If you have requested unpacking services, we will unpack and place your items onto flat surfaces exactly where you require. 
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